Auto Loan Publisher Program

For Publishers

Partnered with Top Professionals in the Industry

Our insistence on professionalism and integrity means our partners represent the finest firms in the Auto Lending industry. This is due, in part, to the fact that our professionals and systems are geared toward handling a high volume allowing us to generate a competitive amount of top quality leads to publishers. But it’s our outstanding partnerships which deserve most of the credit. They require the best leads available for their clients, and we are dedicated to serving their needs. We do whatever it takes to make sure our partners benefit from their relationship with us, even if it means lending them a hand with their email campaigns.

We Offer the Highest Payouts to Our Valued Partners

In order to maintain a leading position, and to best serve our partnerships, we have found that high payouts are the best solution. That’s why we offer the highest payouts in the Auto Lending industry. Sure, it’s a big investment- but when publishers benefit from better returns on their investment, the whole lending supply chain grows stronger. This also allows us to have exclusive partnerships with our lenders. After all, when our payouts are the highest, why should they go anywhere else?

Not only are our payouts a reflection of the high-quality partnerships we curate, but we ensure they arrive on time every time because your time is valuable- and we do not believe in making our partners wait.

High Quality Leads in Real Time

Unlike similar networks and platforms, which often take days or weeks to sell even the most attractive leads, we take pride in selling our high-quality leads in real time. This gives publishers the ability to see results with no delay. Our online publisher dashboard gives you up to the minute information to cut your wait time down to a minimum. That means your business process can be accelerated for faster returns and more reliable analytics.