Auto Financing Leads understands every auto loan lender is unique. We strive to ensure delivery of a unique solution. Years of experience have gone into our products and services in order to make good on our offer. Our automotive lead generation solutions are the finest in the industry backed by state-of-the-art, proven technology.

Auto Industry Experts

We consider ourselves to be seasoned veterans with a comprehensive knowledge of the automotive industry in its entirety. This makes for a fluid environment within the business cycle and generates real results.

One Step Ahead Integration is already integrated with the vast majority of lead management software available on the market today. Regardless of your integration situation, we can make it work.

Leads In Real Time

Nobody likes a stale lead. Automotive leads which are fresh, convert, and lead to long healthy relationships is our primary goal at We have the ability to send you leads in real-time for expedited transactions with prospective clients.

The Engine behind the Lead

Some leads can often be compared to the common phrase “a needle in a haystack”. This is where much of our hard labor is dedicated. LeadsBrain, our proprietary lead management software, makes this process painless by evaluating several data parameters based on consumer data and how it fits the exact criteria you provide.

Auto Lead Exclusivity

We strive for unique solutions for our unique customers. Unfortunately many auto leads on the market are double sold to maximize profit. Have peace of mind knowing will never double sell any lead. Once a lead is purchased, it is exclusive to you only.

Sixth Gear of Quality Assurance & The Road To Success prides itself on maintaining a client centered atmosphere. We all know that a great quantity of leads is a luxury. But having quality leads is far more important, especially in the automotive industry.

At we have developed a dynamic six-step quality control program to ensure we are not only generating quantity, but quality as well.

We have applied years of trial and error, feedback, data trends, and study to make LeadsBrain the elite caliber system it is today. Leads that do not meet our strict six-step quality control program will be excluded from your campaign.

For years lenders have been attributing as having the high conversion rates and low default percentages.