Business Loan Leads

Converting new leads may be of paramount importance in the lending industry, but avoiding defaults is just as important.

At, we work to ensure defaults are few and far between by exercising strict quality control during our business loan lead generation process.

We implemented Level 5 Quality Control processes in order to ensure that all our leads are as solid as they can be before they are passed on to our lending partners.

Our proprietary software, LeadBrain, uses methods created over a decade of work in the lead-generation industry.

The basic breakdown of the process can be seen on our quality control page.

Our quality control process is a deep one which puts the focus on quality.

By ensuring that our priorities remain focused on generating only high quality leads for buyers, we create a sustained climate of trust with our customers on both ends of the process.

A high degree of satisfaction means that individuals seeking loans will visit repeatedly and engage in word of mouth advertising for our portals.

Meanwhile, by selling only high quality leads we ensure that our lending partners enjoy maximum conversion and minimum defaults.

LeadBrain is our secret weapon, and unlike the third-party tools used by others in the business, we have complete control over it. With the kind of optimizing we’ve been able to do, LeadBrain has grown into the most powerful tool in the industry.

We continue to develop it in response to our personal observations and feedback from our lending partners.

No other lead vendor in the industry has LeadBrain, which is why remains the best at what we do.

To find out more about how LeadBrain can change the quality of leads you buy, contact one of our lender relations experts at (888) 666-7058 Ext 2 and we’ll tell you all about how we can instantly raise your lead quality.