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When it comes to lending, only companies that operate in full compliance with federal and state laws make good partners.

This has been true for years, but with the advent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the federal government has become much more vigilant where the rights of consumers are concerned. Failure to operate within all federal regulations which govern loans can spell disaster for a lender.

It is important to realize that a company can be held liable for the practices of their vendors and business partners.

This makes it doubly important that great care is taken when choosing who to do business with. Simply ensuring that your employees do everything right isn’t enough.

Making sure every company you work with is serious about compliance is a must.

LeadsMarket.com is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance, and is fully committed to upholding the strict standards of this advocacy group.

This includes ensuring that all company policies related to the generation and sale of leads are completely legal on a federal and state level.

It means that we take things like the Fraudulent Debt Pledge seriously.

While some companies cut corners and let laymen handle setting policy in place, we don’t believe it’s right to risk our business and that of our partner’s on amateur legal interpretations.

That’s why we’ve got an in-house compliance team led by an attorney with a decade of experience in this area of law.

This group works to ensure that we’re never in any danger of operating outside of the regulations which govern our industry.

Our adherence to the strictest standards in lead generation don’t just mean lower default rates and higher conversions for our lending partners, it means that when they come through our channels, they have a total package experience, which means they’ll be back.

And that they’ll tell their friends about their experiences with us.

So we aim to be compliant not just because it’s the law.

We also do it in order to maintain our good relationships with everyone we do business with, from the borrower looking to avoid getting behind on their car payments, to the lending partner who’ll be buying many leads from us.

While avoiding legal issues is a must, providing great service to individuals searching for a loan is the right thing to do.

Treating our partners fairly and looking out for their business is the only way to be truly great at what we do.

We firmly believe in taking the long view, and that’s why we’re still around more than a decade after we began.

Companies come and go in the loan lead generation industry, but the team at LeadsMarket.com has been in business for over ten years, and we’re still going strong.

We give our lending partners the attention they deserve and we operate within both the letter and the spirit of the law.

We care about the job we’re doing.

So for a long-term partnership, there’s clearly no better loan lead vendor than LeadsMarket.com.

If you want to find out more about how our strict adherence to federal and local laws can help protect your business, contact one of our lender relations experts at (888) 666-7058 Ext 2 and find out how to get us on your team.

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