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Payday Loans Affiliate Programs UK

Each and every month hundreds of thousands of people take out payday loans in the United Kingdom.

Our Publisher Program Members Earn More Money

We've crafted a simple, straightforward publisher program that rewards publishers for every qualified connected lead they steer to us. We don't make publishers jump through unreasonable hoops to earn payouts.

We're Happy When Everyone Is Winning

The very heart of our business is ensuring that everyone involved with a loan is satisfied.

We aim to make the lending process a positive experience for borrowers, lenders, and publishers alike. Seeking this happy balance is something we're set on, and is why we've developed unique software to make ideal connections. With our system:

Consumers are winning - They get connected with a lender who may be able to give them a loan for their situation.

Lenders are winning - The leads they buy from us are selected specifically for them based on filters they choose.

Publishers are winning - We make sure that not only do we pay the highest payouts, we pay on time every week that a publisher makes threshold.

When You Join an Advertiser's Network, You Earn More

LeadsMarket.com is an advertiser. We have a big advantage as an advertiser in that we own and operate the offers we promote. We have relationships with an exceptionally broad range of lenders, meaning we can connect more potential borrowers with lenders that may be able to meet their needs. That means better payouts for you.

LeadsMarket.com Publishers Get More

We're serious about making sure our publishers are set up to succeed. We don't just hand out a tracking link and leave you to your own devices. We're very much convinced that being partners with our publishers means giving them real tools and materials like:

  • Payday Loan Website templates – delivered in a zip folder with HTML files of pre-approved language you can upload to your hosting provider. Going live with your new site is that simple, and this support sets you up to begin earning your way to your first payout.
  • Landing pages that really convert are our hallmark. We focus on ensuring that prospective borrowers have an excellent user experience, no matter what device they might be browsing on. This translates to publishers earning commissions more easily.
  • Our email templates are mobile friendly, and updated every month. We also refresh our banner ads and keyword lists regularly, so you always have fresh materials for your campaigns.
  • Our publisher performance tracking is handled through an attractive, intuitive dashboard. It'll help you get all the information you need to see exactly where you are with regards to payouts, and help you identify ways to improve your conversion rates.
  • We process payments over threshold once a week like clockwork. You'll never wonder when you'll be getting paid again.
  • We're eager to work with publishers to develop new ways of capturing leads. If you have a good idea, we'll work with you to make it work.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

With our United Kingdom payday loans publisher program, there's a real opportunity to earn regular payouts. You'll be working with an industry leader if you join us. Don't pass up the chance. Sign up to become a LeadsMarket.com publisher today.

Join LeadsMarket.com, the best payday loan publisher network today and start earning more money.

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