Affiliate Academy

Learn the basics of becoming a LeadsMarket affiliate, including setting up:

Leadsmarket Forms
TikTok campaigns
Google campaigns
Facebook campaigns
Email campaigns
Affiliate academy Union

Note: These courses cover basic items but do not cover all the techniques to becoming a high-performing affiliate.

There are many factors to becoming a successful affiliate including how you track data, the key terms you use to optimize, how you navigate around unintended blocked campaigns, how well you strategize with your account managers and more.
Leadsmarket Academy

One of the main reasons LeadsMarket's affiliate program stands out is because of:

  • Weekly payouts
  • High-converting landing pages
  • Statistic reports
  • Self-service online affiliate portal
  • Easy integration of LeadsMarket's form to your website
  • Ability to ping and post leads on a tier structure
  • Host and post leads from your form to LeadsMarket
  • Sub-ID tracking
  • Fresh banner ads
  • Ad-based marketing materials
  • Responsive email templates
  • XML integration
  • And we even could create a brand new website for you.
Certificate This certification program will operate as simple and basic guidance for new affiliates. This course isn't meant for advanced affiliates but if advanced affiliates would like a refresher, they are welcome to join as well.