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We have a competitive advantage over other companies because of our in-house, proprietary software called LeadBrain®. The LeadBrain software has unparalleled capabilities that help us provide publishers with the highest payouts per-lead in the industry, and helps lenders get lower cost-per-funded loans and higher lead-to-funded conversion rates.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

At LeadsMarket.com we have over a decade of experience generating leads and we offer a variety of products that help the conversion of your customers. We give our partners the information they need to make informed decisions about the kinds of leads we are offering.

  • Leads

    Unlike many companies in the industry, who seem to prefer one-size-fits-all pricing when selling to their lending partners, we know that one lead isn’t always worth what the next one is.

  • Calls

    Direct call campaigns will improve contact rate, call center productivity, and lower your cost per acquisition. We offer exceptional live transfers for all different types of leads. Consumers interested in taking out a new loan are ready to speak with your call center today.

  • Clicks

    Get visitors directly to your website. Interested consumers who can become great borrowers will be sent to your website to have full experience or working with your brand.

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