General questions LLC operates a technology platform that serves as an online marketplace where publishers can sell consumer requests and buyers can pay a flat price per lead, per call or per click.

Publisher’s FAQ

Publishers are one of our top priorities. We provide industry-leading payouts, unparalleled technical support, and prompt weekly payments. Additionally, our partners get customizable website templates and forms.
Yes. accepts advertisers and publishers from all over the world.
We pay commissions weekly to publishers who have earned more than $100. We abide by NET 7 payment terms which means commission payments are paid about seven days from the end of each billing period.
Payments will be sent provided your account has reached a minimum of $100 in revenue.

The Publisher Referrals Program rewards you for every publisher you sign up with We pay 3% bonus on ALL commissions generated by all of your referred publishers. This will be paid as part of your monthly commissions and you can check the Referral Program Revenue in your statistics reports.

If you would like to refer someone to, please make sure to send them your unique referral tracking link which can be found in the Publisher Dashboard.

We supply publishers with tested email and banner designs for each offer. We allow publishers to use their own designs as long as our publisher team approves them first. has many options for our publishers, you can either send to our site or use your own.
Our publisher team will review your site to make sure it is legally compliant and does not trick consumers.
We accept PPC, SEO, E-mail and Radio/TV traffic. We do not accept any Call center, incentivized, non-online or Brokered traffic.
Conversion rates and performance stats can be provided based on different price points. Please ask a dedicated account manager for additional details.
We can redirect consumers directly to your website in real-time through the clicks platform. Please ask a dedicated account manager for additional details.
  1. Login to your publisher account
  2. Click My Campaigns
  3. Select desired campaign
  4. Link to download the suppression file will be on the left side.
On the Login page, press the link to reset password.
  1. Click the publisher's button in the top menu
  2. Fill out the one-page application
  3. Await approval. The review process is typically a few days. We will review your application once submitted and respond with our answer.
All statistics are displayed in real-time. You can login 24 hours a day to view your performance reports.
We offer Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Check in the Mail, PayQuicker, Payoneer and Paypal.
US publishers are required to fill out the W-9 Form. Publishers outside the United States do not have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to get paid, but it is recommended.

Each offer lists allowed method of marketing. Please make sure you strictly follow the instructions for each offer.

View Loan Offers Compliance Guide

We gladly provide our publishers forms so that their technical work is greatly limited, you can also use your own form and post to us via API.
As long as consumers are not deceived we allow promotion on social networking and job listing websites. Please contact your Publisher Manager for approval before proceeding.
We generate traffic through online media such as search engine marketing, and e-mail promotions while also focusing heavily on Radio and TV traffic. We do not accept any call center, incentivized, non-online or brokered traffic.
No. We provide a list of terms that should be added as NEGATIVE match.

Setting up your tracking link for a campaign is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your publisher account
  2. Click My Campaigns
  3. Select desired campaign
  4. The tracking link will be on the right side. You can create up to 3 sub-IDs.

Our priority is to ensure that our advertisers get only the best quality leads and valid sales.

We monitor every campaign to detect and deal with fraud attempts such as suppression list abuse, duplicate, and proxy IPs, bots, click frequency, and more.

If you know or suspect a publisher or advertiser is conducting fraud, please report them by filling out our contact form, and we will investigate immediately.

Confirmed fraud will result in removal from our publisher network for life. We report all offenders to the advertiser as well as federal and state authorities.

Each account has a dedicated Account Manager with many years of industry experience. Tech and Creative support is available to all publishers and advertisers.

Lender’s FAQ

There are no limits or restrictions; you can purchase any amount of leads you desire. is an accredited vendor through Online Lenders Alliance.
We offer leads for businesses of all sizes. Inquire about our Storefront Program to get more information on how to help increase traffic to your business.
We can integrate with any third-party lead management software or proprietary system. We can also deliver leads via Email if there are no systems available.

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