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Car Title Loan Affiliate Program

Car Title Loan Demand is Impressive

Every month over 100,000 people in the United States are looking for car title loans. A look at the Google Keywords planner for keywords closely related to car title loans reveals impressive numbers. The keyword combination "title loan" alone receives more than 40,000 searches every month. A similar keyword combo, "car title loans," receives over 22,000 searches monthly.

Title Loans is Not a Highly Competitive Niche

Unlike many other loan products, car title loans represent a much less contested corner of the lending market. This space has been largely overlooked by affiliates in recent years, in spite of a steadily growing demand. Due to the underutilization of marketing efforts aimed at the segment, car title loans represent a niche product that offers exceptional opportunities for dedicated affiliates. Thanks to this overlooked niche, our title loans affiliate program genuinely shines.

How This Opportunity Came About

For decades car title lenders insisted on paying lead generation companies on a Cost Per Funded Loan basis. They had adopted this stance due to the perceived risk of converting leads to funded loans. This practice left affiliates at the mercy of the lender's ability to close a lead-out before being paid. The lack of a guaranteed payout dissuaded most affiliates from working within the system. Opportunities within the segment today are directly related to this historical dearth of payout.

Win-Win-Win, the LeadsMarket.com Way

When we recognized that the potential market for car title loans was huge, we set about solving the dilemma of risk allocation. In this process, we've created a great affiliate program for car title loans. We use proprietary technology to allocate title leads to the lender most likely to fund them. With prospective investments steered towards the right company, we've created a win-win-win situation.

  • A win for lenders: Purchasing leads generated by affiliates and allocated by LeadsMarket.com's unique system are designed to achieve their desired lead to funded loan conversion rates.
  • A win for consumers: Finding a great lender online can speed up the approval process, providing a convenient path to securing the loan they require.
  • A win for affiliates: Each generated lead represents a payout, without reliance on the lender's ability to close out the loan.

Selling Leads to an Advertiser, not a CPA Network, is More Profitable

LeadsMarket.com is an advertiser. We own and operate all of the offers we promote to our affiliates. Our car title loan leads offers are no exception. We have obtained exclusive contracts with several auto title lenders in the United States. Thanks to that, we can utilize our status as an agency of record for these lenders to ensure our affiliates' payouts for car title loan leads.

Affiliates Get More from LeadsMarket.com

We've got a great affiliate program. We take pride in the package we offer to our affiliate partners:

  • Auto Title Loan Website templates: upload the HTML files we have provided to your hosting account via FTP. With that, you'll have a ready-to-use car title loan website with forms and tracking built-in. Customize the site template for your domain, and you're ready to go live.
  • We pride ourselves on converting landing pages. When you surf over to LoanAutoTitle.com, you'll see a fantastic converting website. Our websites and templates are responsive; we have designed them with mobile browsing as a number one priority. The simple fact is this; sending traffic to our landing page gets you higher conversion rates and a more significant commission.
  • Javascript forms that can be added to an existing website to start earning commissions quickly.
  • Slick, modern, responsive email templates; banner ads; and keyword lists updated monthly.
  • An online affiliate performance dashboard with real-time statistics reports that will help you to optimize how you run your campaigns.
  • We offer consistent weekly payments for commissions over $100 on time, every time.
  • Many types of traffic are accepted, and we support creative approaches to driving traffic and figure out new ways to generate leads.

We Buy Leads and Calls

Not only do we pay for leads you direct to us via completed forms, but we can also pay for phone leads. Using a unique phone number on your website or banner ads are some of the ways we pay for leads. You get credit for these transfers, as well as for click-to-call campaigns.

Opportunity Awaits

LeadsMarket.com is committed to providing affiliates with fantastic opportunities to make money in this niche. Join the LeadsMarket.com affiliate program today, and you can start your journey towards earning lead generated auto title loan payouts right away!

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