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Loan Leads Affiliate Program

Personal Loans Are In Demand

Every month, thousands of people in the United States search for personal loans online. Taking a look at the Google Keywords planner reveals compelling numbers. The keywords "personal loan(s)" show up in more than 39,000 searches each month, and related keyword searches offer up evidence of thousands of more searches.

Personal Loans Offer a Compelling Chance for Savvy Publishers

Despite the high level of activity related to personal loans, there's less marketing activity in this segment than in others. This fact alone makes for an excellent opportunity for those looking to set up publisher campaigns. Driving traffic to a personal loan site through paid search is a less costly and less risky proposition than with other types of loans. Due to this opportunity, providing leads for personal loans through our loan leads affiliate program can be an excellent opportunity to generate income.

Where This Opportunity Comes From

There's a significant focus on short-term loans in the online lending industry that personal loans have been something of a wayward child. Consequentially, the short-term loans leads market presents a hidden garden of sorts. A path less traveled, perhaps, but still a lucrative one. Because of this opening in the market, our personal loan partner program is here to fill that gap.

Everyone Wins With LeadsMarket.com

Our goal is to make everyone involved in the lending process happy. We've done this by looking at what each leg of the lending triangle is looking to accomplish. Once we've established that, we cater directly to that with our method of steering loan leads only to the lenders most likely to fulfill them.

  • How lenders win: Purchasing leads allocated by LeadsMarket.com's system allows for a high lead to a funded loan conversion rate.
  • How consumers win: A great partnership with a lender who is likely to fund the loan provides a short route to seeing money in the bank.
  • How publishers win: Generating leads for a guaranteed payout with every new lead eliminates the uncertainty. With LeadsMarket.com, every lead counts.

We're An Advertiser, Not a CPA Network

LeadsMarket.com has a significant advantage as an advertiser in that we own and operate the offers we promote. Our loan lead offers are a result of our exclusive contracts with multiple personal loan lenders in the United States. As an agency of record for these financial partners, we can ensure high payouts for our publishers for these loan leads.

Our Publishers Get More

The LeadsMarket.com publisher program is second to none. The package we've put together provides a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Easy-to-upload HTML files are something we offer publishers interested in diving right into the game. Right after customizing the template to your liking, you'll be ready to go live and start earning payouts for lead referrals using the forms we provide.
  • Our landing pages convert well. Responsiveness is the key: our websites and templates make mobile browsing a top priority. Traffic steered to our landing pages means higher conversion rates and more payouts.
  • We've got a selection of Javascript forms that are easy to add to your current site. This feature means you'll be on your way to earning payouts even more quickly.
  • Attractive, professional, and mobile-friendly email templates, banner ads, and keyword lists updated monthly.
  • We offer a high-performance dashboard. It features real-time statistics reports designed to aid you in customizing the way you run campaigns.
  • Payments processed weekly for commissions over $100 on time, every time.
  • Many forms of traffic are accepted. Quality leads come from many different sources, and we love to work with ambitious publishers to help them come up with new ways of generating leads. This makes us a superior personal loan lead provider.

Leads & Calls Accepted

Our interest extends beyond the typical lead. We're keenly interested in phone leads you send our way via your own unique publisher's phone number. Our Los Angeles-based agents are standing by to take these transfers, and we also pay out for click-to-call campaigns.

Opportunity is Knocking

Our loan affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for publishers looking to capitalize on the trending personal loan market in the USA. Moreover, because of LeadsMarket's massive network, your business can see better results than you might find with other personal loans affiliate programs. In addition to our extensive network, LeadsMarket has the tools and dedicated experts to help your business reach new heights through our loan referral program.

Personal loan leads represent a considerable market. Our commitment to our publishers is a testament to how much of that segment we want to capture. We're willing to pay better than any of our competition. Put us to the test. Sign up for the LeadsMarket.com publisher program today!

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