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Direct Calls

Data Leads are a Good Starting Point

Even the highest quality data leads from website form submissions, email inquiries, and the like suffer from a particular and significant weakness. The amount of time that passes between the generation of a lead and the follow-up by a call center representative can have a dramatic and detrimental effect on the conversion rate. We noticed a direct relation that demonstrated that the higher the wait time from the generation of a lead to the follow up from a call center representative, the lower its conversion rate is. Due to this deficiency, we've taken it upon ourselves to come up with a well thought out solution to this problem.

LeadsMarket.com has worked in new and innovative ways to eliminate this delay for its lender partners. We're a company that strives to find a place to create new and amazing tools and how to improve those that already exist. Because of this work ethic, we've cultivated a direct call service that helps minimize this issue. We've developed our company's proprietary LeadBrain technology with a clear and concise objective. We want to address and fill in the gaps of different aspects in regards to lead generation. Our first step was to implement a system that can effectively screen potential callers based on your company's particular criteria and parameters. Taking that knowledge into consideration, it then works to deliver the potential customers to you without breaking that connection. This specific feature is a crucial element in producing higher quality leads. LeadBrain has the capacity to transfer prospects from our phone system to yours in a seamless fashion. This great feature allows your representatives to take advantage of obtaining high quality on the line. That makes their job easier for them since they are speaking with ready customers that are interested in your services.

While other companies can offer a direct calls service to their lender partners, LeadsMarket.com's has a clear advantage over the competition. Our ability to pre-screen those calls we patch through helps us provide higher quality call leads that convert. We can filter those calls according to specific criteria provided to us by our partners for a better success rate. This aspect of our proprietary software helps us to ensure that our calls provide incredibly active leads for our lender partners. More active leads lead to higher conversion rates. The success of our partners measures our success, so we strive to ensure your success!

We've continued to make headway in the leads generation industry. We've created a new and innovative technology, as well as forged meaningful partnerships with more and more lenders. This hard work and dedication have allowed us to ensure that we serve our customers and lenders with a high-quality product and service. If this speaks to you, you can find out more about our pre-screened live call transfers and how they can make a positive impact on your company. Contact one of our lender relations experts for further information and assistance.

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