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Live Phone Transfer Loan Leads

Top Quality Leads Delivered Over the Phone

When your call center representative answers the phone in your company's offices, LeadsMarket.com transfers the prospect that has been selected based on your customized filters and parameters. We understand how important it is to eliminate any delay, to ensure high-converting live lead transfers for our lender partners. We strive to find new and exciting ways to create unique and incredible tools and improve those that already exist. Because of this astonishing impetus for innovation and change, we've developed our proprietary software that has a broader vision for generating leads. We also work with our lender partners to listen to their thoughts and concerns. This way, we can continue to find ways to innovate together, as to come up with great solutions that improve the experience of both lenders and consumers.

All Types of Leads

Because of our holistic approach and competent team, we can offer exceptional live call transfers for all different types of leads. Whatever lead you want to pursue, we've got you covered! Whether it be standard loans, short term loans, or car title loans, even live transfer leads business loans, you name it! We have a wide array to choose from, including location-based leads. We can help get your agents directly in touch with interested prospects. All leads have passed through the most stringent quality control program in the industry. With our live lead transfers service, you'll see your conversion rates rise to unbelievable new heights.

Innovation Through Quality Control

We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our loan leads. The driving philosophy behind our LeadBrain system is continuous improvement and maximization of your ROI. Our ability to transfer live calls and transfer live leads to you is an integral part of that. Reducing that time between the generation of that call or lead and your customer service reaching them is tantamount to having a high conversion rate. We believe that our company's proprietary LeadBrain software will be an excellent asset to ensure your company's success. First, it effectively screens potential leads based on the particular criteria and parameters you input. From there, it then goes to work, ensuring it delivers the potential customers to you without breaking that connection. LeadBrain then transfers those potential borrowers from our phone system to yours seamlessly and uninterruptedly. Not only will this make both lender and customer much happier, but this will also make your call center representatives' job more manageable. Since they are speaking with customers that are interested in your services, they can take advantage of that momentum. Since this significantly reduced delay, our leads are of higher quality. That's something that only our software can provide.

Call + Data

In addition to transferring the call, we will also send you the lead information directly into your CRM. This characteristic of our software is designed to help streamline the process of reaching out to potential borrowers that may desire more than one loan. Using a payday loan leads as an example, consumers looking to get a payday loan may require one as often as every month. This fact is incredibly essential to keep in mind. It makes maintaining an organized and segmented system that holds that information organized and visible a high priority, to keep a constant B2C flow. Your customer service representatives can then quickly and easily follow up with these clients, meaning an even better return on investment for you.

Simple to Implement

Taking advantage of the power of our live lead phone transfers is quick, easy, and can help take your company up to the next level. There are no special requirements, complex systems necessary or complicated hoops to jump through, so there is no reason to wait. As industry veterans, we have the knowledge and expertise to impulse your company further. We firmly believe that we demonstrate our success through the success of our partners, so don't wait any longer and put us to the test! Call us to learn more about buying live transfer loan leads at (888) 666-7058 Ext 2.

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