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What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that is gaining ground in many affiliate circles. PPC, as it's also known, is a form of CPA (Cost per Action) marketing. In this case, the action is in the form of a call rather than being a form of submission. The presence of smartphones continues to expand even further as statistics show that two-thirds of Americans own one. The trends of consumers continuing to move their lives into the digital realm and come to depend on their smartphones entirely will continue to grow. At LeadsMarket, we offer a robust marketplace for publishers to provide our advertisers high-converting Pay Per Call leads to take advantage of this growing trend.

How does Pay Per Call work?

For this, we will use a payday lender as an example. If they want to obtain Pay Per Call leads, they will place an order with us to receive a specified amount of calls from prospective clients interested in their products. We will then create the content and have you, our publisher partners, set up ad campaigns with forms and tracking phone numbers on your various sites. These ads are meant to target the right websites and multiple channels in many places to generate calls and CPA. We then direct those leads to our advertisers. For you to earn payouts, you need to meet the requirements for qualified calls. These can include aspects like call duration, as well as other campaign requirements otherwise provided by our advertisers.

Who uses Pay Per Call?

Most people prefer to call a phone number listed on a website, banner, text ads, email, radio, TV commercial, or other forms of advertisement versus filling out a form online. Because of this fact, affiliates can generate some considerable revenue by promoting Pay Per Call Offers. One of the most significant benefits of Pay Per Call is how easy it is for companies to track their return on investment by seeing their book of business grow. As digital marketing continues to expand and evolve, this area of marketing will only continue to grow. Our LeadBrain software makes it easy to track your payouts and earn high commissions in this lucrative niche of affiliate marketing. This way, you can turn our Pay Per Call marketplace into a highly profitable marketing channel.

LeadsMarket Pay Per Call Features

If you sign up to be part of our pay per call affiliate program, you start generating revenue from Pay Per Call tracking. You can do this by choosing offers that you are interested in marketing from our advertisers. Once your account is approved, you will be assigned a unique tracking phone number that you can start promoting. You can get multiple unique tracking phone numbers to track different marketing channels. Once you have started receiving calls, we will route all those calls to our advertisers. You can follow the calls you have logged through our easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard. Those calls that meet the requirements described in the Campaign Requirement Details Page by our advertiser will qualify for payouts. What are you waiting for, start enjoying generous payouts with Pay Per Call leads generation today!

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Publisher Benefits

We own and operate all the offers that we promote.

By working directly with the advertiser, you earn top payouts.

We’re invested in the success of our publishers.

At LeadsMarket.com, every publisher gets the individualized support that he or she needs to earn big payouts. We’re always improving our system and developing new tools to make it even easier to work with us. We know our success is tied to the success of our publishers - and when we work together, everyone wins.

The sheer range of tools we make available to our publisher network is way too much to detail. However, we’ll take a stab at hitting the most important ones.

Unique Tracking Phone Numbers

The possibilities for publishers are multiplying. From click to call search ads to online display ads, classified ads to other creative marketing methods it can be challenging to figure out which tactic will generate the most conversions. Luckily, call tracking can help cut through the confusion. Publishers get unique tracking phone numbers for each campaign they want to promote.

Plug & Play Websites

When it comes to creating a web presence that can generate leads, we provide a range of tools to assist you. From assistance in setting up branding and integration for your self-hosted site, to setting you up with one of our hosted and fully-maintained websites, we are flexible with our support because we know your needs are specific. Customizable HTML templates and Wordpress themes make building your lead gen website as easy as click, copy, paste!

Help With Search Engine Optimization

We work with publishers to optimize their site(s) for high-volume keywords, thereby making it more likely that sites in our network show up as results for relevant searches. We work with a team of US-based writers to create unique and compelling copy, and we are always mindful of SEO best practices.

A Focus On Mobile

Every site we build is designed with a mobile-first approach, keeping us and our partners up to date and ahead of the curve. We also offer bonus payouts for leads and phone transfers generated from a mobile device.

Email Templates with Responsive Design

Take advantage of our responsive email templates, designed to render across all major viewing platforms and thoroughly tested for CAN-SPAM compliance and industry best practices.

Always Original

Supporting our display marketing publishers partners includes creating new marketing materials on a regular basis. We don’t recycle campaigns - we come up with a variety of fresh, eye-catching ads for you to use to steer leads our way.

Any Questions?

Talk to your Account Manager to learn more about how we support our publisher partners. Still haven’t joined? Fill out the application form now to join our winning team.

Compelling Creatives

We keep our Facebook ads and text ads fresh, updated, and compliant with all major ad exchange network policies.

Access Your Publisher Portal Anytime

Publishers have 24/7 access to reports updated in real time. They also have flexibility to create multiple campaigns for different offers.

Enjoy on time monthly payouts
Get Paid Every Week

What’s your preferred payment method? Get your weekly payouts via Paypal, Bank ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, WebMoney, EPESE, Payoneer, and more!

Whether your business is based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere, pay per call lead generation could be a huge opportunity. Join our pay per call affiliate network today to start capitalizing on potential consumers who prefer to speak over the phone rather than fill out a form online. There are more of these customers than you might think, and if you only have online form options, you might be missing out on a key potential revenue source.

Compliance Comes First

Our commitment to compliance is the cornerstone of our success. It’s our goal to serve prospects, publishers, and financial partners with a positive experience. This is why we created our compliance guide and insist that all publishers abide by it fully. Non-compliance may result in rejection of your application for publisher status, or suspension of active status if you’re found to be in violation during our routine quality checks.

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