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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is a model of marketing that rose to prominence in the Internet Age. As the name would indicate, advertisers pay a fee to websites and search engines each time someone clicks on their ads, directing traffic and business to their sites. Since we strive to innovate, LeadsMarket.com has developed our proprietary technology, named LeadBrain, to optimize the distribution of different types of lead referrals to buyers. This software also includes some fantastic features to integrate PPC campaigns into your website. It's a great way of generating revenue from your site since we pay for every unique visitor you refer to our partners.

How does Pay Per Click Work?

Explaining it in simple terms, every time someone clicks on the ads on your website, it sends those visitors to our partners' pages. This particular form of marketing presents a great opportunity for website publishers to earn per click since more and more people turn to the internet to obtain goods and services. We pride ourselves on being able to help you in building a winning PPC campaign. It ranges from researching and selecting the right keywords, to placing those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups. We can also aid you in setting up optimized PPC landing pages that convert. We can achieve that by providing a code you can place on your website that will show our listings of different advertisers. With that system in place, you get paid per visitor who clicks on one of these listings and visits the advertiser's website. You can also track the number of unique visitors you refer to us with our easy-to-use real-time tracking dashboard. Our software makes it simple to earn with pay per click. Here at LeadsMarket, we have the tools, people, and the know-how to get you to start on the path of generating revenue.

Who uses Pay Per Click?

Through our PPC Affiliate program, you can offer our partners a unique means of putting their message in front of an audience. This group of people is actively and specifically seeking out their products, so they have a tremendous vested interest in finding these individuals. The people who click on the ads hosted on your website reveal their interests and desires for any particular product or service. You can cater to those to best suit your audience, so they have a higher chance of clicking on those ads mentioned above.

Currently, our Pay Per Click offer is only available to those publishers that generate personal and short term loan leads, since we specialize in that particular sector. However, something that we will not allow is click fraud. Bot-generated clicks are one of the ways people artificially inflate their number of clicks to earn more revenue. As a result, we have built many automated quality control features into our software to catch those who are committing click fraud.

LeadsMarket Pay Per Click Features

LeadsMarket is a fantastic place to find a pay per click affiliate program for publishers. We've crafted a simple, straightforward, and high paying Pay Per Click publisher program that rewards our partners for every qualified click they steer to us. We don't make publishers jump through unreasonable hoops to earn their payouts. This aspect makes our Pay Per Click publisher program rise above the competition in many aspects. We have a truly massive network, advanced and innovative tools, as well as a dedicated group of experts that can help you maximize your potential earnings. Some of these amazing features are:

  • Our incredibly easy to use website templates. Setting up is as easy as merely uploading the HTML files we have provided to your hosting account via FTP. Once that's done, you'll have a ready-to-use website with forms and tracking built-in. Customize the site template for your particular domain, and you're ready to go live.
  • One of our specialties is our high-converting landing pages. When you surf over to sites like LoanAutoTitle.com, you'll see a fantastic converting website. Our websites and templates are responsive; we have designed them with mobile browsing as a number one priority. The simple fact is this; sending traffic to our landing page gets you higher conversion rates and a more significant commission. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this fantastic feature!
  • Our simple to use Javascript forms can be quickly added to an existing website to start earning commissions in little to no time at all!
  • Slick, modern, responsive email templates; banner ads; and keyword lists updated monthly.
  • An online affiliate performance dashboard with real-time statistics reports that will help you to optimize how you run your campaigns.
  • We offer consistent weekly payments for commissions over $100 on time, every time.
  • Many types of traffic are accepted, and we support innovative approaches to driving traffic and figure out new ways to generate leads.

Join us and take advantage of our pay per click advertising affiliate program to start generating revenue based on clicks! To learn more about our pay per click offers, please sign up for a free publisher account and talk with your publisher manager.

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