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Benefits to Publishers

We work tirelessly for our publisher's success.

At LeadsMarket.com, we are not content with merely collecting a massive fleet of publishers and hoping that we will get results through sheer mass and volume. Our team is continuously on the vanguard of this industry, developing new and innovative tools and finding ways to improve old ones. This ongoing effort on our behalf ensures that our publisher partners get every ounce of support we can give them. After all, as a LeadsMarket.com publisher, we view your success as an intrinsic part of our success. We believe that together, we are stronger.

Website Templates

We have a range of options to craft the right web presence to generate leads. We offer fully hosted and maintained websites that take the backend hassle out of the equation. We also assist you in setting up compelling branding and integration for any sites you host.

We look forward to helping you precisely the right way, as per your specific needs. We offer fully customizable HTML templates and WordPress themes that make lead generation website development as easy as copy-pasting.

Advanced JavaScript Forms

We have developed forms that integrate directly into your website without a hitch. Robust, flexible JavaScript forms ensure that your unique look and feel shine through while generating leads for us.

SEO Expert Advice

We work to help position our publisher's site(s) within relevant keyword searches. We are focused on making it more likely that organic search methods will turn up sites within our network. We leverage individual copy from US-based writers and offer a detailed link-building guide to attain high standards of SEO.

XML Integration

For all your advanced customization of an existing marketing platform, we offer integration with LeadsMarket.com via XML. This integration makes it simple to adapt and create solutions to generate leads quickly.

XML Integration

Mobile 1st

We develop every website with a mobile 1st approach, keeping us—and our publishers—up-to-date with the latest trends in internet usage. Moreover, in keeping with the mobile spirit, we even offer high payouts for mobile generated leads and live phone transfers.

Responsive Email Templates

We have a variety of basic formats for you to choose from. Each is compatible with best practices in the industry as well as CAN-SPAM. Every one of our templates works well across all major viewing platforms, including mobile.

Fresh Banner Ads

In the quest to provide comprehensive support for our display marketing publisher partners, we generate brand new materials continuously. No recycled campaigns, just a fresh batch of eye-catching, original concepts to make the job of steering leads our way even more comfortable.

Sub-ID Tracking

We offer Sub-ID Tracking as part of our package. Use them to track unique user attributes, sources of traffic, banner ads, or link placement. You can create tracking links with up to 4 sub IDs and see where that engagement is coming from, to see what's working and what isn't.

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Wait, There's More

Check with your Account Manager to see what else we offer our publisher partners. Alternatively, if you haven't yet joined up, be sure to fill out the application form right away.

Ad-based Marketing Materials

We offer regularly-updated Facebook ads and textual ads. These are compliant with all of the significant ad exchange networks.

Self-service online publisher portal

24/7 access to real-time statistics reports. Create multiple campaigns for different offers.

Enjoy on time monthly payouts
Enjoy weekly payouts

We can send payments via PayPal, Bank ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, WebMoney, EPESE, Payoneer, and others.

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