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What Is Publisher Email Marketing 2.0?

Our Publisher email marketing 2.0 model is a new approach to sending offers to email subscribers. This model maximizes earnings per click (EPC) and earnings per thousand emails sent (eCPM). This unique approach has a straightforward 3 step formula to success:

  • It engages users and subscribers with useful and relevant content that meets their needs and are more likely to consume.
  • It allows subscribers to spread the message virally using different social media platforms that allow for the organic growth of your brand.
  • It helps send relevant offers to a segmented list of users that are already pre-sold with the proposal you choose.

The Difference between Email Marketing 2.0 and 1.0

Publisher Email Marketing 1.0 is limited to only:
  • Allow you to email subscribers with a personalized email that includes creative images, graphics, text with a straightforward call to action, and a tracking link.
  • Allow you to add everyone who opened the email or clicked the link in the email into a new list for future use.
  • You can send the same personalized email to the new list one month later, based on the people that interacted with your content.
Publisher Email Marketing 2.0 has a universal approach, including:
  • Allowing you to email subscribers a useful, text-only email that discusses the benefits of the product or service you would like to promote. This email includes a tracking link to the offer's landing page and links to make it easy to share the email on Facebook, Twitter, or forward the email to friends and family.
  • It allows you to add everyone who opened the email or clicked the link in the email into a new list.
  • On the next day, you can send another personalized, text-only email with a straightforward call to action. This email also includes a promotion to the offer discussed in the previous email. This email is sent to this new list generated from the people who interacted with your first email.

The Advantages of Publisher Marketing 2.0 vs. 1.0

Some of the disadvantages of Publisher Email Marketing 1.0 are:
  • A lower rate of engagement and opened emails.
  • A higher unsubscribe rate.
  • A more significant spam complaint rate for those receiving your content and promotions.
  • A small list of people who opened and clicked on your email.
  • Content that most of the subscribers will consider irrelevant and annoying.
  • Your email will not be shared on other platforms or to other people.
  • Lower EPC and eCPM overall.
Some of the advantages of our Publisher Email Marketing 2.0 model are:
  • A more successful open rate because the content in the email is considered useful and relevant to those receiving them.
  • A lower unsubscribe rate for this same reason.
  • Minimum spam complaint rate from those receiving your promotions.
  • An extensive list of people who are more likely to interact with your content because they are already informed and interested in the product or service.
  • Relevant and useful content liked by a large number of subscribers that will receive your promotions.
  • People are more likely to share the email with friends and family on social media networks. This helps promote the offer included with your tracking link.
  • A higher overall rate of EPC and eCPM for your investment.

By using our publisher email marketing 2.0 model, you can say goodbye to low open rates; high unsubscribe and complaint rates, as well as maximizing your EPC, and eCPM earnings! Our model offers a better approach to email marketing that provides a higher success rate. We also make sure that everything complies with laws and regulations, so you don't have to worry!

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