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Email Marketing

If you are a publisher that specializes in email marketing, LeadsMarket.com is the publisher program for you.

Email Marketing Publishers Face 3 Main Challenges:

  • Deliverability: Getting to the inbox and not being marked as spam is the key. Our team of experts can help with your deliverability problems.
  • Responsive EMail/Landing Page Design: Having the right design is as important as the content of the email and is responsible for changes in the deletion and/or unsubscribe rate. Overall it contributes to the success of your campaign. Are you taking trends into consideration? Is your email and campaign designed for mobile?
  • Content/Segmentation: Are you sending the same email to everyone on your list? Are you bringing value to your target audience and providing offers they need? Certain offers are a goldmine for email marketers. Let’s take payday loan leads as an example. More and more consumers are looking to get a payday loan and the majority of them are in need of a payday loan as often as every month. This means that people who open an email about payday loans are very likely to request one, not just once a year, but every month. By segmenting people who opened the payday loan email and sending them an email once a month, you as an email marketing publisher can earn extremely high eCPM.

How LeadsMarket Can Help:

  • We know what email marketing publishers need and provide them with all the tools and resources to ensure their success.
  • In-house experts design and test different email designs and text creative to measure what works and what does not. Email designs and layout are optimized and tested thoroughly for all platforms.
  • Proven and effective subject and from lines are tested before being offered to publishers. Our team monitors developments and continuously improves and adjusts to market and technology changes.
  • Earn highest eCPM and EPC in the industry with exclusive direct offers.

Join LeadsMarket.com, the best payday loan publisher network today and start earning more money.

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