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Email Marketing

If you are a publisher that specializes in email marketing, then you have come to the right place! LeadsMarket.com has the publisher program that you have been looking for, and that fits your needs. We understand the particular idiosyncrasies of different types of marketing campaigns, so we have the know-how and tools to address each one effectively. Email Marketing Campaigns can be incredibly lucrative if done right, something we pride ourselves on being able to do effectively.

Email Marketing Publishers Face 3 Main Challenges:

  • Deliverability: Making sure that your emails are arriving in customers' inboxes and not being marked as spam is the key to getting better engagement. How can you earn any income if your campaigns are landing in places that consumers rarely ever check? Our team of experts is ready and eager to help with your deliverability problems, so your efforts aren't in vain.
  • Responsive Email and Landing Page Design: Having the right design is as just as important as the content of the email. It's also responsible for changes in the unsubscribe and deletion rate for most customers. It also has a considerable impact on the overall success of your campaign. Are you considering current trends? Do you know what those are? Is your email and campaign designed for mobile? These are all aspects that we take into consideration, for a more holistic approach to email marketing for our publishers.
  • Content/Segmentation: Are you sending the same email to everyone on your list? Are you bringing value to your target audience and providing them with offers they want and need? Targeted suggestions can genuinely be a goldmine for email marketers, so we ensure that our partners can harness that for their benefit. Let's take a payday loan leads as an example. More and more consumers are looking to get a payday loan, and the majority of them require a payday loan as often as every month. This fact alone means that people who open an email about payday loans are very likely to request one, not just once a year, but as frequently as every month. By segmenting the people who opened the payday loan email and sending them an email once a month, you can earn extremely high eCPM as an email marketing publisher.

How LeadsMarket Can Help:

  • We know what email marketing publishers' needs are, thanks to our years in the lead generation industry. Because of this fact, we gained the abilities and skills to provide you with the tools and resources to ensure your success.
  • Our in-house experts' design and test different email templates, designs, and implement original texts to measure what works and what doesn't. The email design and layouts we provide are optimized and tested thoroughly for all platforms. You can feel confident about the look and content of your outbound promotional emails.
  • We include proven and compelling subject titles, as well as form lines. We test these before offering them to our publishers. Our team is diligently monitoring developments and continuously improving and adjusting to keep up with market and technology changes.
  • Earn an incredibly high eCPM and EPC with the exclusive direct offers we can provide. We also pay weekly, on the clock, so you never have to worry about it!

Here at LeadsMarket.com, we strive to innovate and create new and exciting ways to go further than our competition. As industry veterans, we have an incredible desire to be able to progress further. We do that by finding more and more ways to push the envelope as far as it can. Put us to the test and become a publisher partner today!

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