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Zero In On Your Perfect Prospects

ClickBrain helps you to reach excellent prospects through our service of targeted clicks. We ensure those leads are then delivered right to your site in a timely fashion, so they have a higher conversion rate than our competitors. Our leads also have a low first-month payment default percentages.

We also don't limit ourselves to take your preferences into account when offering our products and services. We regularly take the time to evaluate our processes. We do this by conducting continuous follow-ups with our partners. This practice helps us to gain a better perspective and understanding of how our leads are performing and where we can improve.

For us, the quality of the services we provide to our lender partners is a top priority. We can ensure that the clicks we're sending your way are offered to you only if they meet the standards you've set. No matter what it is that you are looking for in your prospects, the filters ClickBrain can provide are top-notch. We pride ourselves in the ability our software has to separate the wheat from the chaff. This feature will leave you with nothing but premium clicks and a greater chance for high converting leads.

Customized to Fit your Needs

We understand that every one of our financial partners has different needs and desires, depending on a wide range of factors. Some leads may work well within the Southern United States but could perform differently in the Pacific Northwest. Other partners may prefer to work with a younger demographic. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation. That's why we listen and pay attention to you before we deliver. By targeting specific demographics based on the parameters you've provided, we eliminate the burden of filtering out unqualified leads. You may have found success in a particular niche and want to continue down that avenue. When you buy click traffic from us, you can rest assured that the quality is nothing less than excellent. Our products and services are a direct reflection of our company, so we strive always to look great!

Available In The Largest English-Speaking Markets

We can offer tracking services throughout most US states and all four countries of the United Kingdom. If you're in the market for clicks, we have got you covered! We are industry veterans, so we have acquired the people and knowledge to help you prosper. As such, our success is synonymous with the success of our partners! With LeadsMarket at your side, you have a great ally and asset.

Top Ratings Created With Winning Strategies in Mind

With the industry's highest loan lead conversion rates and low first monthly payment defaults, we've got some incredible numbers to show off! Of course, all of this doesn't materialize out of thin air. Behind these impressive numbers lies an excellent team of experts. They are responsible for the strategies we've developed throughout the years. During our time in this industry, we've seen millions of unique leads come and go. As a result, we've accrued a wealth of knowledge along the way that can push your company's success to new heights. We are continually looking for ways to innovate, evolve. We are continuously working to bring the latest and greatest ideas directly to our partners so that they can stay ahead of the game. We believe one particular statement to be true. To remain at the top and progress further into the future, you have to make innovation and change is a vital priority. While some may say that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," we understand that not evolving is detrimental to progressing further.


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