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Zero In On Your Perfect Prospects

ClickBrain helps you get the right prospects, delivered right to your site.

We can ensure that the clicks we're sending your way are offered to you only if they meet your standards.

No matter what you are looking for in your prospects, the filters ClickBrain offers will separate the wheat from the chaff and leave you with nothing but premium clicks.

Customized To Your Desire

We understand that every one of our financial partners has different needs. Some leads work well within the Southern United States, but may perform differently in the Pacific Northwest. Other partners may prefer to work with a younger demographic. That's why we listen to you before we deliver. By targeting specific demographics, we eliminate the burden of filtering out unqualified leads.

Available In The Largest English-Speaking Markets

We offer tracking through all fifty states of the US, all thirteen provinces of Canada, and all four countries of the United Kingdom. If you're in the market for clicks, we can deliver.

Top Ratings Created With Winning Strategies

With the industry’s highest loan lead conversion rates and low first monthly payment defaults, we've got some of the best numbers around. At the core of these impressive numbers are the strategies we’ve developed over the years handling thousands upon thousands of leads. We are constantly evolving and working to bring the newest ideas directly to our partners in order for them to stay ahead of the game.


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